Carolina Region

Permanent Numbers








Numbers 1-10 are reserved for the Top Ten Finishers from Last Year.
No other may use these numbers should the finisher use their permanent number below.
To obtain a permanent number, contact the Carolina Region RCD

Special Note:  Per an agreement between regions,
certain permanent #'s are listed below in blue.






Name Club

John Haskell

Carolina Corvettes

Deborah Haskell

Carolina Corvettes

Greg Kyzer

Carolina Corvettes

Anthony Marlar

Spartanburg Corvette Club

Steve Phillips

Chevys Under Glass

Michael Hoven

Carolina Corvettes

Blair Collins

Carolina Corvettes

John Bracket

Carolina Corvettes

Allyson Collins

Carolina Corvettes
10 Bobby Allen,Jr. Chevys Under Glass
11 Pete Dawley Spartanburg Corvette Club
12 Pat Smith Carolina Autocross Team
14 Gail Dawley Spartanburg Corvette Club
15 Verne Tomlins Carolina Corvettes, Inc.
17 Bob Wyman Carolina Autocross Team
19 Terry Merritt Carolina Corvettes, Inc.
21 Steve Phillips Chevys Under Glass
22 Betty Parks Corvette Atlanta (Southeast Region)
25 Greg Kyzer Carolina Corvettes, Inc.
33 Wally Perry Carolina Corvettes, Inc.
35 Mac Boyte Metrolina
36 Scott Cox Member-at-Large
37 Retired Mike Bohannan -2007
40 Andy Vanscyoc Carolina Autocross Team
42 Debbie Haskell Carolina Corvettes, Inc
45 Bobby Allen Chevys Under Glass
67 Retired C. H Nolley - 1997
72 Ricky Black Chevys Under Glass
74 Ricky Overstreet Spartanburg Corvette Club
76  Mark Davis Greater Columbia Corvette Club
84 Anthony Marlar Spartanburg Corvette Club
88 JC Corky Key Corvette Atlanta (Southeast Region)
94 Joe Tooley North Florida Corvette Association
111 Donna Littlejohn Carolina Autocross Team
117 Barbara Wyman Carolina Autocross Team
122 Don Parks Corvette Atlanta (Southeast Region)
137 Margaret Bohannon Carolina Autocross Team
140 Retired Don Smith -2008
194 Mary Tooley North Florida Corvette Association
224 Charles Bifano Carolina Autocross Team
427 John Haskell Carolina Corvettes, Inc.